House approves Rep. Linda Kochmar’s plan to help beleaguered families

Legislator: Rep. Linda Kochmar
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Saving the disabled from unnecessary trauma is the goal of one local lawmaker.  Linda Kochmar, a Republican from Federal Way, received approval from the House on a plan that will ease the lives of many in Washington who are suffering.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson:  Linda Kochmar says she has been receiving pressing calls from the public, not only from the developmentally disabled, but from their advocates.  They are asking for an alternative to respite care in institutions.

Kochmar: “These individuals, who are dealing with many issues, need to have a place within their own communities, a place that is inclusive and less traumatic.”

Johnson: Kochmar’s amendment to the state operating budget, the supplemental budget, passed the House unanimously.  It will provide nearly a million dollars for community respite beds.  The supplemental budget itself heads to the Senate.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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