House approves Rep. Kochmar’s bill to help families of babies with Down Syndrome

On Wednesday, the state House passed Rep. Linda Kochmar's bill that would require more information be distributed to expecting parents as it relates to positive prenatal or postnatal diagnoses of Down Syndrome.

House Bill 2403 requires healthcare providers who provide a parent with a prenatal or postnatal Down Syndrome diagnosis to provide information prepared by the Department of Health about Down Syndrome.

“When new parents receive a diagnosis that their child will be born with a disability, many don't know where to turn or what to expect,” said Kochmar, R-Federal Way. “Unfortunately, there's so much misinformation being spread about Down Syndrome, and research suggests the abortion rate for babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome is as much as 90 percent. It's important we ensure evidence-based information is available to new parents in order to quell the misinformation being spread by some scientists and doctors.”

According to the bill, information handed out by healthcare providers would include evidence-based information about Down Syndrome and individuals born with Down Syndrome, and contact information for organizations who provide support services for parents of children with Down Syndrome.

House Bill 2403 now moves to the Senate for further consideration.

The 60-day legislative session is scheduled to adjourn March 10.


Washington State House Republican Communications