Daughter of radio personality Casey Kasem testifies in Olympia

Legislator: Rep. Linda Kochmar
Run Time: 52 seconds
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Emotional testimony today in Olympia.  Many people showed up to speak out in favor of legislation spearheaded by the daughter of legendary radio personality Casey Kasem.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson: Casey Kasem died in Washington state as his children fought in the courts for the right to see him. Kerri Kasem struggled for months to locate her father.  He had been moved out of state against family wishes.  It took a gossip website to finally locate Kasem.

Kerri Kasem: “This law would have made all the difference.  We would have seen my father every week, like we were seeing him, talking to him every day on the phone, being able to talk to his caretakers.  We would not have been blocked and he would not have been isolated.  And he would probably still be alive today.”

Johnson:  Kerri Casem is pushing for passage of House Bills 2401 and 2402, which would help others in her situation get the rights they need to visit and tend an ailing parent. The bill is sponsored by House Republicans Linda Kochmar of Federal Way and Dan Griffey of Allyn.  Said Kasem: “It’s common sense. That we have to make it law is ridiculous.”  Nearly a dozen people people testified in favor of the bill.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.

Full testimony: https://soundcloud.com/wahousegop/kochmar-testimony-012016


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