Lawmakers secure funding for Redondo Beach boardwalk repairs, project timeline updated

More than a year ago, strong winds and high tide wreaked havoc on the Redondo Beach boardwalk, causing damage to the boardwalk itself, parts of the seawall and some beachfront businesses and properties. In response, Sen. Mark Miloscia and Rep. Linda Kochmar secured $1.5 million in the state capital budget passed June 2015 for repairs.
“While this isn’t the first time the boardwalk has sustained severe damage by storms, anytime a community and businesses are impacted by such things, we’re called to find a solution,” said Kochmar, R-Federal Way. “I’m glad that our hard work paid off, and we were able to secure funding so Des Moines can restore this important recreational area enjoyed by families throughout the community.”

“This is the focal point of both family and recreational activities in our community,” said Miloscia, R-Federal Way. “I missed walking the boardwalk with my wife last summer and I’m relieved to get this funding so we can rebuild this community landmark and make it a great place for families to enjoy again.”

The task to repair and rebuild parts of the boardwalk began in the fall of 2015 and will resume mid-March. Project details can be found here.

“I am pleased to see this beautiful gem of our region restored and restructured,” said Rep. Teri Hickel, R-Federal Way. “The boardwalk not only sets a stage for capturing the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest, but also provides exercise, pleasure, and a wonderful backdrop for all its residents and guests to enjoy.”


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