30th District lawmakers participate in annual Washington State Korean Day Celebration

During the opening week of the 2016 session, 30th District lawmakers Sen. Mark Miloscia and Reps. Linda Kochmar and Teri Hickel attended the 9th Annual Korean-American Day reception in Olympia on Wednesday. The event recognized the achievements of Korean-American community members throughout Washington state.

“I enjoyed experiencing Korean-American Day both in Olympia and Federal Way, where we have so much diversity and culture,” said Hickel, R-Federal Way. “Watching the Korean heritage being expressed thru such beautiful costume and performance was impressive. The youth did an exceptional job of intertwining their Korean and American heritage.”

“Many Washingtonians have sacrificed to provide the freedom South Korea enjoys today,” said Kim Jun Bae, Board Chair of the Washington State Korean-American Day Celebration. “We appreciate your sacrifices, love and standing for our freedom. We could not be where we are today without your care for peace in the world.”

In 2007, Senate Bill 5166 was signed into law declaring Jan. 13 Korean-American Day. The day is meant to commemorate the arrival and first pioneer immigrants from Korea to the United States on Jan. 13, 1903.

“It was an honor to help coordinate this annual event as lawmakers and community members alike came together to celebrate the achievements made by our Korean-American friends and neighbors,” said Kochmar, R-Federal Way. “As a resident of the 30th District, abundant with ethnic diversity, I was humbled to see so many gather to observe and honor Korean-Americans in our communities who continue to serve and contribute to our state’s wellbeing.”

“Korean-Americans are such an integral part of our state and especially our local history,” said Miloscia, R-Federal Way. “This is just one way we can thank them for their contributions to the community and celebrate a vibrant and lively culture.”

In addition to the help of lawmakers, Wednesday’s luncheon was coordinated by the Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs, which is directed to coordinate and assist education and public institutions, and private organizations with Korean-American Day celebrations.

Korean-American Day is a non-legal holiday.

Lawmakers attend 9th Annual Korean American celebration

PHOTO CAPTION: Lawmakers celebrate Korean-American Day on Jan. 13 in Olympia, WA.


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