Rep. Linda Kochmar expresses concern over Woodmont Recovery Center location

A treatment and rehabilitation center slated to be built in the Woodmont neighborhood of Des Moines is receiving some backlash due to the building site’s close proximity to a school and residential neighborhood.

The Woodmont Recovery Center would provide involuntary inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, involuntary psychiatric treatment, and other services. There are also plans to include a methadone dispensary in the facility’s future. Valley Cities, the group responsible for building the center, received a million dollar grant from King County and a $5 million grant appropriated in the state’s 2015-17 capital budget passed this summer.

Rep. Linda Kochmar, R-Federal Way, said that while understands the need for such facilities in South King County, the chosen location further threatens an area that has its cut of public safety issues.

“Upon listening to input from local community members and stakeholders, I cannot support the chosen location for the Woodmont Recovery Center,” said Kochmar. “These services are greatly needed, but its current location has left the community it would serve feeling unsafe and vulnerable. It is essential we listen and develop a better plan to bring critical mental health and drug treatment services to South King County with state, local and community support.”

The facility would be located on Pacific Highway and North 16th Ave., abut a public library, and is within a short distance from Woodmont Elementary School.

Kochmar has suggested using the SCORE (South Correctional Entity) facility in Des Moines as an alternative for transporting and treating patients in a more secure area for the safety of both recovering patients and the community.

“I have worked with Valley Cities throughout the years and strongly support the work they do in our community. I have consistently supported their needs at the state level, and hope to continue to do so in the future,” said Kochmar. “Community members agree we need these services in South King County, but we must provide them in a responsible way.”

Kochmar said she will continue to work with city officials and community members to find a more appropriate site for the facility.

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