Kochmar bill that helps local water-sewer districts passes House

Kochmar bill that helps local water-sewer districts passes House

Legislation co-sponsored by Rep. Linda Kochmar that would help local water-sewer districts operate more efficiently and possibly keep rates from rising passed from the House unanimously Feb. 12. House Bill 2170, was also sponsored by Rep. Dean Takko, D-Longview, and had bipartisan support through the entire legislative process.

“My goal is to help water-sewer districts operate with more convenience and autonomy,” said Kochmar, R-Federal Way. “Some water-sewer districts have difficulty paying their bills on time. Currently, district boards must first approve vouchers for payment. They are then sent to the county auditor and, finally, they are sent to the county treasurer who issues the payments. This is a lengthy process that causes delay. My bill would give them new options to prevent this drawn-out process.”

Now that the legislation has passed the House, it will move to a Senate committee to be heard and considered. The next cut-off it will have to make is March 3 in order to continue and advance toward becoming law. The 2014 regular session is scheduled to end March 13.


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