Rep. Kochmar appointed to committee to help exploited kids

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Rep. Kochmar appointed to committee to help exploited kids

Rep. Linda Kochmar, R-Federal Way, was recently appointed to serve on a committee focused on helping sexually exploited children. The committee will examine the laws and practices of communities statewide that address sexually exploited children and then make recommendations. The committee was created this year as a result of Senate Bill 5308.

“I am honored to be chosen for this committee and dedicated to ending this abuse in our neighborhoods. I fought for victims of the sex trade as a co-sponsor of House Bill 1291 and I will continue to do so with this new appointment,” said Kochmar. “We must seek accountability for human traffickers and ensure our practices for catching perpetrators are as effective as possible so citizens can have safer, healthier lives.”

The committee's primary task is to examine reports and data from local and regional entities regarding the incidence of commercially sexually exploited children in their areas; review recommendations for improving the effectiveness of local practices; and make recommendations for data collection and strategic local investments to address the commercial sexual exploitation of children.


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