Eleven new lawmakers join House Republicans

Eleven “freshmen” joined the House Republicans for the 2013 session, adding to the caucus numbers by one at 43.

“We have an impressive group of incoming lawmakers who are eager to get to work for their constituents,” said House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis. “We have a variety of backgrounds represented with these eleven people. Though they are new to serving as state representatives, they are well prepared with backgrounds in public and community service, owning small businesses and military service. They know how important this year will be to the future sustainability of our state and education for the next generation.”

The new lawmakers are (pictured from left to right):

  • Brad Hawkins, who works at Douglas County public utility district is from East Wenatchee and represents the 12th District.
  • Dave Hayes, a police sergeant from Camano Island, representing the 10th District.
  • Jeff Holy, an attorney and former police officer from Spokane, representing the 6th District.
  • Linda Kochmar, a risk manager from Federal Way, representing the 30th District.
  • Drew MacEwen, a small business owner from Union, representing the 35th District.
  • Chad Magendanz, a software design consultant from Issaquah, representing the 5th District.
  • Matt Manweller, a CWU professor from Ellensburg, representing the 13th District.
  • Steve O’Ban, an attorney from University Place, representing the 28th District.
  • Liz Pike, a small business owner from Camas, representing the 18th District.
  • Elizabeth Scott, a consultant and teacher from Monroe, representing the 39th District.
  • Brandon Vick, a small business owner from Felida, representing the 18th District.
hawkins hayes holy kochmar macewen magendanz manweller oban  Rep. Liz Pike R-18Rep. Elizabeth Scott R-39 vick

Select their names or portraits above to find out more about them or contact them.

Read the releases announcing their swearing in, priorities and committees:
Hawkins sworn in as newest 12th District Representative
Holy takes oath of office as newest 6th District state representative
Hayes sworn in as newest 10th District Legislator
Former city council member Kochmar officially a state representative
MacEwen sworn in as newest 35th District state Rep.
Chad Magendanz makes his new role as state representative official
Newly elected 13th District Rep. Matt Manweller officially takes office today
State Rep. Steve O’Ban sworn in to serve first term
Pike sworn in again as 18th District State Representative
Scott sworn in as newest 39th District Representative
18th District State Representative Brandon Vick takes the oath of office Dec. 7

It should also be noted that Reps. Gary Alexander, R-Olympia, and Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, now represent different districts as a result of 2011 redistricting. Alexander, who represented the 20th District for 16 years, now represents the 2nd District. His phone number will change to (360) 786-7824. Orcutt, who represented the 18th District for 11 years, now represents the 20th District. Orcutt’s phone number is now (360) 786-7990.


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